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Below is a prayer offered during Continuing Sessions. The message was offered by Johanna Jackson. JT Dorr-Bremme acted as an elder to the message, holding space.

Sending Light Three Ways

We have talked about the change makers, the bridge builders, and the seed bankers in our community. Let us take some time to hold in the Light all three kinds of people, all three kinds of roles. We know that we may move from one role to another, and that all the roles need some help and energy.

Let us hold in the Light the people who are holding the role of Seed Banker. These are the people with firm convictions. These are the people grounded in wisdom, with experience and education, with knowledge that they've gained over time. These people are working a lot! These people are holding together our structures as we sort of eke along. They may be wondering why the same five people are doing all this work! Let's send them some energy! That as they guard our seed, they will know when it is time to release the seed and plant it in the soil. And let other people water it.

Let us send Light to the bridge builders. These are the people who carry the pain of both stories. They may listen to the pain of younger Friends or older Friends. These are the people who are translators. They can hold multiple truths, and see them, and help one another hear them. They may be called to do work that is awkward. They may be called to tell people when some things need to stop. When a bridge builder speaks, people know how to listen. Let us send Light to people who are called to this work, because it's possible that they have the most responsibility at this moment.

Let us send Light to the change makers – those that are here, and present, and welcome today, and those that are quiet. Those that have left our community. Those that are holding their pain in private. Let us assure the that for every time their voice is dismissed, we want to create many times where that voice is now supported. For every time they feel on the edge of the community, we want to welcome them back to the middle.

Let us work toward a new balance, where we can balance the frustration they may feel with our prayers of healing for a new way forward.

However you want to pray for these groups, in whatever order, take some time to do that.  request, though, is that you send a dose of light to all three groups.



We are a network of Quakers who work for inner transformation and collective renewal. Our goal is to motivate one another toward revitalization, so people of faith may become creative, relevant, and thriving for years to come.

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