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Below, see a vivacious and fresh conversation with Lisa Graustein, one of the co-hosts of Three Rivers Meeting. In this transcript, we talk about community care, humility, and ways to transform patterns of oppression.

JT and Johanna are are able to publish this transcript for free, thanks to a grant from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Travel and Witness Fund. 

This is an excerpt for viewing purposes only. To download the entire transcript, click "download PDF."

To learn more about Lisa Graustein's work, see the following resources.

1. Lisa Graustein is a host at Three Rivers Worship, a group that is working to reclaim and reinvent Quaker practice for current times.

2. Read Lisa Graustein's article in Friends Journal, "Noticing Patterns of Oppression and Faithfulness" (April 2020).

3. Lisa Graustein was a 2021 plenary speaker at the FGC Gathering. See a slide deck of her speech, "Sacred Vessels: Quaker Practices for Holding Us All."



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