After we have finished a listening session, JT and I go through a detailed editing process to determine what, if anything, might be shared with the public. In these freeform and open conversations, there is great creative power as well as some private information shared. We work with the speaker to determine how much of their message they'd like to share.

Editing a trypical transcript looks something like this:


Dog Listening

1-2 hours

We spend time compassionately listening to someone tell their story. We stay present with pain when it comes up, and with anything else that is alive in the room.


3-5 hours*

*We started our project about three months before Zoom had automatic transcription. Future interviews will be automatically transcribed, and then edited by hand.

pen writing.jpg

Edit for Content and Public View

2 hours

We do a thorough check of the raw text itself, looking for place names, people, or sensitive stories that should be removed.

Going Over Plans

Collaborate with the Speaker

2 hours

We work together with the speaker to edit the page for privacy and readability. This is detail work.


Incorporate Feedback

1 hour

We then work closely with the speaker to make sure that the emerging transcript stays true to the original message, while respecting privacy.


Edit for Readability

2 hours

We scour the transcript from top to bottom so we can complete unfinished sentences.


Make it User-Friendly

1 hour

We decode Quaker terms and proper nouns that are mentioned in the conversation, providing a working definition for each one.

Polished Stones

2 hours

Finally, we summarize the themes, create discussion questions, polish formatting, and write an introduction.

That's a long time!

Yup. It's true. Producing one transcript, from a listening session to final publication, takes more than 15 hours of labor. We believe it's important to offer this service so we can get the word out about creative solutions and unmet needs. Please consider making a donation to fund this work. A gift of $200 sponsors one listening session. A gift of $350 sponsors a listening session and a published transcript. A gift of any amount, however, can uplift one person's voice. To donate, click below.