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After a participant agrees to share their listening session transcript, we go through a detailed editing process. These freeform and open conversations have great creative power as well as some private information. We work with the speaker to determine what might be appropriately shared with the public.

Editing a typical transcript looks something like this:


Dog Listening

1-2 hours

We spend time compassionately listening to someone tell their story. We stay present with pain when it comes up, and with anything else that is alive in the room.


2-3.5 hours

Using Zoom Transcription, we edit garbled words and identify the speaker for each sentence. Though this sounds simple, the data we receive from automatic transcripts is often quite confusing.

pen writing.jpg

Edit for Content and Public View

4 hours

We do a thorough check of the raw text itself. We search for place names, people, or sensitive stories that should be removed. We also identify transcript themes and concepts.


Edit for Readability

2 hours

We scour the transcript from top to bottom so we can complete unfinished sentences. How we speak is often a mixture of many ideas together. We build in transitions where necessary.

Going Over Plans

Collaborate with the Speaker

1 hour

We send a draft copy to the speaker, working together to edit the page for privacy and readability. We work through multiple drafts until we reach a product that feels right to everyone. Some people will choose not to share their story publicly or will remove certain parts.


Incorporate Feedback

1 hour

We make sure that the emerging transcript stays true to the original message, while respecting privacy.


Make it User-Friendly

1 hour

We decode Quaker terms that are mentioned in the conversation, providing a working definition for each one. We write an introduction for the speaker for the first page.


1 hour

When the document is ready, we create a final pdf, from jpeg files, and post all of this on a uniquely-designed web page within our site.

That's a long time!

Producing one transcript, from a listening session to final publication, takes between 13 and 15 hours of labor. We believe it's important to offer this service so we can get the word out about creative solutions and unmet needs. Please consider making a donation to fund this work. A gift of $200 sponsors one listening session. A gift of $350 sponsors a listening session and a published transcript. A gift of any amount, however, can uplift one person's voice. To donate, click below.

flower flipped.jpg


$25 gives us a vote of confidence that you believe in this work and are glad that it exists. If you'd like, you can pair your donation with a small note.


$200 sponsors one Listening Session with a Friend from the United States
or Canada. One person
will receive the gift of
free listening.


$350 sponsors both a Listening Session and a published transcript. (Note: the transcript may uplift a second person, if the first speaker declines publicity.)


We are a network of Quakers who work for inner transformation and collective renewal. Our goal is to motivate one another toward revitalization, so people of faith may become creative, relevant, and thriving for years to come.

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