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This page features published writing by Johanna Jackson. It includes essays that relate to Forward in Faithfulness as well as other creative projects.

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This essay summarizes Johanna and JT's work and exploration with the Listening Project. This article has been called "eye-opening an thought-provoking"  FJ. Click on photo to download pdf, or view online.

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This essay imagines and explores what it would look like for different generations to mentor each other. What might we learn? What might we find? It centers on a community in Central Pennsylvania.

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Johanna offers suggestions for building new Quaker structures that support and nourish everyone – particularly rural Friends and younger Friends who may be far from their peers.

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This essay was published in 2014 in the Journal of the American Chestnut Foundation. Aimed at environmental educators and teachers, it offers ideas for hands-on youth programs that celebrate one of Pennsylvania's native trees.

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Johanna Jackson and Melissa Rycroft make a call to expand Quaker membership so that it fits with contemporary realities. This article is a partnership with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

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Johanna interviews several Friends about their 12-step programs, describing ways that healthy faith communities can support recovery. This article was published in Friends Journal, January 2020.  Click on photo to download pdf, or view online.

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Within Communities magazine, this issue focuses on consent. This personal, delicate poem shares about a time that consent was violated. Specific or graphic content about the event is not included. Note: This file takes a minute to download.

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This article is a news update about the closing of a small business in the Midwest. It explores the townspeople – from orchestra teachers to accountants to clerks – who moved in and through the building during its history.

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Two additional essays are forthcoming in The Natural Farmer and in What Canst Thou Say, 2022.