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Living out our gifts is part of building a stronger faith community. We believe that the first step is recognizing what our gifts are, and claiming them in the presence of a community.

This page is a space to uplift the living witness and ministry of people of faith. It includes creative work by the founders of Forward in Faithfulness, as well as other good work.



Turning Grief Into Power

This short video is from a story that Johanna created while she was recovering from COVID. The collage pages share about trans-formation and loss during the pandemic. They also offer a healthy dose of hope! One page says simply, "Our grief unites us."


Honoring Generations of Life

This essay shows the beauty of cross-generational mentorship. What might we find if we had more time to listen across the ages? It centers on a community in Central Pennsylvania.

Except: The worship was beautiful. She could remember it still. “You could tell,” Dorothy said, “that the moment was religious. You could tell people were praying for the good of the group.” A silence began to open up: a wide, deep silence.

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We are a network of Quakers who work for inner transformation and collective renewal. Our goal is to motivate one another toward revitalization, so that people of faith may become creative, relevant, and thriving for years to come.

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