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The Listening Project is a series of creative conversations rooted in love. We meet for worship-sharing and conversation focused on spiritual nurture and the revitalization of Quakerism. It's like a combination of StoryCorps and QuakerSpeak. So far, we have held more than 35 Listening Sessions which have included Friends from seven different yearly meetings:

Iowa Yearly Meeting

New England Yearly Meeting

New York Yearly Meeting

North Pacific Yearly Meeting

Pacific Yearly Meeting

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Southeastern Yearly Meeting


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The Friends pictured above are part of a larger group who have joined us for listening sessions. Not all transcripts are published. Some remain private by choice of the speaker. Other people's stories are awaiting funding to help us transcribe and publish their words. It takes roughly 15 hours of labor to transform Zoom's automatic transcription into a readable, helpful, thoughtful public document.


View a 6-minute video that shares more about our findings and the call for spiritual renewal.

A listening session is a space for people to speak freely and be heard. Sometimes this time feels like worship-sharing; other times it feels more like a conversation. We ask people about their spiritual journeys and about what makes them come alive. Listening sessions are a good time for brainstorming. We focus on reaching out to newer & younger folks, but have also held listening sessions with older Friends as well.


One person at our meeting called this "energetic, out-of-the-box thinking." Our hope is that we can better meet the needs of young people and newcomers by sifting through these conversations further.


In the beginning, our conversations were very broad. People shared about what it felt like to receive a nudge from God or to worship in an embodied and creative way. One Friend said: "We need to learn how to bear pain. As a country, and as white people." Some Friends told us about their concern for Quakerism and faithfulness. They pointed out that we have assimilated to white, capitalist, American values and in the process, we have lost some of the power of our faith.

In listening sessions, we have asked questions such as: "What would you like to tell city people about trees?" Or, "What does the tired part of you need?" Many Friends have surprised us with responses that rise from their hearts. One person said: "Sometimes God's time is right here, right now, happening."


If we regard our work as research, we've also gained a lot of data on the spiritual state of our Quaker communities. There a is blockage present in the Religious Society of Friends, and it  is the result of a number of difficult truths which we have yet to reckon with. We have some work to do to revitalize our faith. To read more about the work ahead, please see our Early Findings page.


We are a network of Quakers who work for inner transformation and collective renewal. Our goal is to motivate one another toward revitalization, so people of faith may become creative, relevant, and thriving for years to come.

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How do you listen from the heart?

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You are welcome to use this page and share it. If you do so, please attribute
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If you value this work, please consider donating to the Listening Project. It takes about 15 hours of labor to edit and produce one transcript. A donation of any size will support creative conversations like these.  Thank you!


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