These transcripts  are a learning tool for anyone who wants to build a strong and limber faith community. We hope that in sharing them, we might inspire new possibilities. They include creative solutions that sprang forth from our act of listening.

The stories shared below are from Friends who agreed to share them. We have worked together to edit the pages lightly for clarity and content. If someone is mentioned, and we are not discussing that person's ministry – such as their public work, or the work of welcoming – then that person's name is removed. We also edit a page to convey the "feel" of an interview. For instance, if we dip into silence as a group, and that changes the tone, then we might add an additional word like "Hmm" or "Thank you," to show what shifted in the silence. For more about our editing process, click the link below



Keira Wilson

Keira is a 35-year-old Friend. She describes living her values in both work and faith communities, righteous anger, and how we can evolve and adapt in each situation to have integrity with ourselves, each other, and our work. 


Johanna Jackson

Johanna is a 31-year old Quaker. In this speech to Continuing Sessions, she speaks plainly about the practices happening that shut out people's voices – both locally and nationally. This transcript is a call to action which concludes with a prayer for healing.


Anna Weber-Loomis

Anna is an 18 year old seeker who combines Quaker meeting with ceremonies from the Lakota tradition. Anna shares about her spiritual journey within the two traditions, and how her Quaker community brings a sense of continuity over time.

Cai Quirk

Cai is a 24 year old queer Quaker writer and photographer. They carry a strong sense of wonder, and they suggest seeking the "in-between" space as a place to live and thrive. We recommend this interview to anyone who is curious about living with new vibrance.


Kaitlyn Pawlukojc

Kaitlyn is a 35 year old Friend who identifies her meeting as a welcoming place. She describes how she has been invited into the circle, and shares concrete steps for a welcoming meeting. This is a great transcript for anyone on Outreach committee.

Melinda Wenner Bradley

Melinda, a 50 year old Friend, is the Youth Religious Life Coordinator for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. She brainstorms about how we could better integrate people's spiritual gifts. This transcript is recommended for anyone who is on Nominating Committee.


Gary Fosmire

Gary is a 79 year old Friend. He reflects on the past, including the makeup and structure of Quaker committees. Looking forward, as we grow and change, he identifies what he sees as most valuable gems of Quakerism to retain.

Helen Fox

Helen is a 77 year old Friend with a natural curiosity about others. She compares the connections she had with students as a professor to the connections she has with younger Friends. This is a great transcript for Friends of all ages to understand structural barriers.

This is a small sample. There are many more interviews that we have yet to edit and transcribe.

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