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Living out our gifts is part of building a stronger faith community. We believe that the first step is recognizing what our gifts are, and claiming them in the presence of a community.

This page starts with conversations between JT and Johanna, who talk about the gifts that led them to ministry. Then, you'll see some writings by Jan Hoffman and Danelle Laflower, who are both from the same meeting . Their meeting is one that we believe actively supports gifts and leadings.

For Friends who want further reading, we recommend a text by Lloyd Lee Wilson and a Pendle Hill Pamphlet by Martha Grundy. These can be found in many Meetinghouse libraries, or they can be bought online by following the links below.

Minister and Elder Roles

If you think you may have the gift of ministry or eldering, read this selection of metaphors by JT and Johanna, and see what rings true for you.

Why Eldering is Cool

In this exchange, Johanna interviews JT about what eldering feels like from the inside. This is a very helpful, frank, conversation for those who are curious about eldering.

On Faithfulness

There is a deep joy that can come from faithful living. Read more in this essay by Jan Hoffman from Mt. Toby Friends Meeting

as a

The willingness it takes to be an elder yields great beauty. Read more in this poem by Danelle Laflower from Mt. Toby Friends Meeting

Naming & Claiming Our Gifts

Lloyd Lee Wilson speaks freely  about the balance of community and individual responsibility, when it comes to living a gift. Both are needed.

Community Stewardship

For more of the nuts and bolts, we recommend Martha Grundy's pamphlet, "Tall Poppies." In it, she shares more about how communities help to a steward and support our individual gifts.


We are a network of Quakers who work for inner transformation and collective renewal. Our goal is to motivate one another toward revitalization, so that people of faith may become creative, relevant, and thriving for years to come.

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