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Those touched by our ministry have offered some encouraging and supportive words. We share some of these here to give a sense of how our work impacts Friends. If you have any feedback on our work, please share it with us.


"Johanna and J.T. are curators of information, ideas, and resources, and part of their process is discernment about what and how to share with other Friends ministry. In watching the unfolding of the Listening Project, it seems to me that Johanna and J.T. are intentionally building a community around them with individuals who are also seeking what we can co-create in this time."
          – Melinda Wenner Bradley,

            West Chester Friends Meeting


On Johanna's article in FJ, Oct 2021:
"'Visions' is an eye-opening and thought-provoking product of this ongoing ministry—qualitative Quaker research, if you will—and it is a piece in true alignment with our mission at Friends Publishing."
       - Gabe Ehri
        Executive Director,
Friends Journal



"J.T. and Johanna are really doing the work to make the meeting work for everyone. Not just for people who have been here for 30 years, but for everyone – for different generations. They're getting the youth involved, and they know of other meetings outside of our area. They're well-connected, and are making it a priority in their lives to get the meeting to move forward in this way."
          – Lorna Arocena
           State College Friends Meeting


"In worship, I have experienced a great intensity and powerful spiritual energy in the presence of J.T. and Johanna separately. God only knows what this energy and power can do through the two of them together. I take inspiration from their faithfulness to follow Spirit's leadings, even when those leadings may take them away from the comfortable and the familiar.

"Their ministry of deep listening and connecting Friends across generations is so important to our Religious Society and will require from all of us the kind of radical faithfulness and outside the box thinking that they exemplify. May this ministry bear bountiful fruit for our beloved community.

         Tony Martin
           Roanoke Friends Meeting


"In my perspective their ministry is grounded, and there is a tremendous need for it."     
          – Martin Melville
           State College Friends Meeting


"I have worshipped with Johanna and J.T. and participated in different Friends' activities with them. They have impressed me as earnest seekers, not afraid to move boldly when prompted by Spirit. It is heartening and increasingly rare to see this courageous initiative among Friends in following a leading. Their positive spiritual energy can be contagious and have an enlivening effect on Friends communities they are involved with, as I have seen in our quarter.  I believe their ministry is a hopeful sign for Friends and bodes well as we continue to seek the Light and respond to the vitality it provides.  Although they are bold, they are also careful not to outrun their leadings, and to refine their leadings when needed as they move forward. I see a bright future for these Friends as they continue to grow in the Spirit."  
       - Ed Solenberger
        Upper Susquehanna Quarter




We are a network of Quakers who work for inner transformation and collective renewal. Our goal is to motivate one another toward revitalization, so people of faith may become creative, relevant, and thriving for years to come.

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To read more about our work and background, please visit the About Us page.


We are grateful to have received money from the following organizations:


  • Good News Associates

  • Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

  • Genesee Valley Monthly Meeting

  • State College Friends Meeting


This grant money has supported us as we grow in our ministry. We have also received several donations from individuals. We find individual donations especially encouraging.

To learn how to support this work, please visit our Donate page.

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