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Tuesday Worship Group

Nuts and bolts of the Tuesday Worship Group:

  • We work more like a network of encouragement. We may not meet weekly, but we can call each other as time goes on for support and accountability.

  • We live far apart from one another. We are spread across 4-6 yearly meetings, and many of us live 5 hours away from other members.

  • We are mobile. In 2020, five of the six core members have moved towns or states. This mobility reflects trends present for our generation. One Friend has suggested that perhaps we might call ourselves "Moving Group" as an acknowledgement of our transience.

  • We share a list of Group Norms with newcomers as a way of being welcoming.


  • Many of us met through the FGC Gathering. We have been active in spiritual deepening programs, including Marcelle Martin's Faithfulness class, Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP), and the School of the Spirit. Many of us have co-facilitated at Powell House's youth programs, and all are deeply committed to the Religious Society of Friends.

  • Our group is made up of different people with different needs. It includes people who are more extroverted, more introverted, more comfortable with silence and less. We have found that, in spite of this variability, Spirit unites us whenever we meet.


For more information about the this kind of peer support group, please email us at

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