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Together, we formed

Our work is under the care of the Upper Susquehanna Quarter

We are a network of Quakers who work for transformation and  renewal

Who We Are

We listen in order to understand what each person needs, spiritually

What We Do

We envision a Quaker world that is relevant and thriving in
30 years


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Recent Events

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JT Dorr-Bremme, Johanna Jackson, and Windy Cooler finished a fantastic workshop at Ben Lomond Quaker Center, "Creative Listening: For the Future of our Quaker Communities." Highlights from the weekend included some short listening sessions that participants held with one another. Thank you to the staff of Ben Lomond for hosting us!


With input, brainstorms, and sketches from Upper Susquehanna Friends, Johanna Jackson created the front t-shirt design  for Upper Susquehanna Quarter. Yuri Plowden also contributed a design. Friends from USQ will gather in-person at Crystal Lake September 9-11. To register, visit the registration page.


Feature Transcript: Learn more about Windy Cooler, who participated in the Listening Project in 2020. Windy is a public minister from Baltimore Yearly Meeting.  She speaks of pastoral care, radical solidarity, and the process of naming gifts. A worthwhile read!

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Johanna Jackson published an article about reverence and birding in The Natural Farmer. It will be searchable on this website soon.

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We've updated our resources to include a Songs page. This includes several original songs from people of faith. Find some nourishment, inspiration, and rest with these original songs.

Love letter

We provided our first ministry report to the Upper Susquehanna Quarter. In it, we reflected on a year of growth and change.


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Together, Johanna Jackson and JT Dorr-Bremme published an article about beginning ministry in pandemic times. The article is available on the Publications page.


What makes a welcoming community?


Many people have perspective to offer on what they're seeking in community. Here are some themes that rose up in our interviews with young people who participated in the Listening Project.

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$25 gives us a vote of confidence that you believe in this work and are glad that it exists. If you'd like, you can pair your donation with a small note.


$200 sponsors one Listening Session with a Friend from the United States
or Canada. One person
will receive the gift of
free listening.


$350 sponsors both a Listening Session and a published transcript. (Note: the transcript may uplift a second person, if the first speaker declines publicity.)

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Creative Listening

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You are welcome to use this page and share it. If you do so, please attribute
the art to our website. Thanks!