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Lisa Graustein's listening session transcript.
See JT and Johanna's interview with
and check out their article in Friends Journal.


Ministry and Community-Building

We are an elder - minister pair who work for spiritual renewal

Who We Are

We are building a network committed to faithfulness and Quaker revitalization

What We Do

We envision a Quaker world that is relevant and thriving in
30 years


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The Listening Project

Together, we've formed the Listening Project, a series of creative conversations rooted in love

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This 6-minute video shares some of what we learned from 18 months of listening, and it calls folks into a strong faith-based future.


Learn the basics about the Listening Project: how we integrate new knowledge and how we listen.

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Read what younger Friends are saying on Quaker culture, Quaker structure, and the kinds of people we could become.


Spiritual Richness
and Vitality

Resources for deepening our spiritual lives, individually and collectively


A rich array of resources on naming and claiming gifts, living into vitality, and developing inwardly


Vocal Ministry and Eldering

A selection of metaphors on carrying a message, holding space, and supporting one another with our spiritual gifts


Podcast: Why Eldering is Cool

Johanna and JT have a worshipful discussion of his eldering role and process, its effects on their ministry, and more.


Integrated and Welcoming

Tips for integrating new voices and encouraging leadership at your meeting

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Expanding Membership

View a PhYM article: Melissa Rycroft and Johanna Jackson describe how to create new processes for membership.

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Seven tips for welcoming and integrating newcomers, based on our research with he Listening Project


New Communities, Full of Vitality

Twelve ways to form strong, limber communities that meet people's spiritual needs

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