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The Listening Project is is a series of qualitative interviews that focus on themes of spiritual nurture. Together, they form a combination of Story Corps and QuakerSpeak. We meet for worship-sharing and conversation, and have held more than 20 Listening Sessions so far. These include the Friends from seven different yearly meetings:

Iowa Yearly Meeting
New England Yearly Meeting
New York Yearly Meeting
North Pacific Yearly Meeting
Pacific Yearly Meeting
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Southeastern Yearly Meeting

A listening session is a space for people to speak freely and be heard. Sometimes a session feels like worship-sharing; other times it runs more like a conversation. We ask people about their spiritual journeys and about what makes them come alive. We ask them what they think of the Quaker structure. Usually, we focus on reaching newer & younger folks (Friends under 55, as well as newcomers). However, we have been meeting with people from a range of ages. The oldest person to sit for an interview, so far, is 79.

One person at our meeting called this "energetic, out-of-the-box thinking."  That's exciting! Our hope is that we can better meet the needs of young people, and of newcomers, by learning from these conversations over time. Read more below.