Several people have asked us whether we are using Zoom transcription to record spoken words. We do use automatic transcription. As you'll see below, the raw data from Zoom has its downsides.


Automatic transcription brings us:

Zoom Garble.png

As you can see, it's pretty garbled. We then edit this page to remove time stamps and receive a cohesive version of the words. This takes about 2-3 hours per transcript.

After editing for human eyes:

After Basic Editing.png

We then comb through the content on each page and ask, "Is this relevant?" "Is this helpful?" and edit further. We also complete unfinished sentences.

The result: This page is ready for publication.

sample publishable page.jpg

Friends Journal has called this work a kind of "qualitative Quaker research."

This page describes the beind-the-scenes work of our publication process. Please click below to see our full listing of published transcripts.



If you value this work, please consider donating to the Listening Project. It takes about 15 hours of labor to edit and produce one transcript. A donation of any size will support creative conversations like these.  Thank you!